Tuesday is Adventure Day

April 27, 2016


I will never glamourize the lifestyle of a full-time freelancer. I have a lot of freedom, but it’s still a job. I have multiple employers who give me multiple deadlines. I’m also my own boss, when it comes to this blog, Mindful Budgeting products, the podcast, etc. and all of that comes with even more deadlines. I do some amount of work almost every day – except on Tuesday. Tuesday is adventure day.

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5 Posts to Read Instead of Binge-Watching Netflix This Weekend

April 22, 2016


For the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with watching less television – more specifically, less Netflix. It’s actually been a couple months since I’ve done a proper binge, where you sit and watch hours of Netflix in a row. Even when I was recovering from surgery, the only thing I quickly binged on was Fuller House (which my brain certainly could’ve done without). But I’ve been actively trying to watch less television again, after finally acknowledging I had a bad habit. I think they call it: using background noise to fill an uncomfortable silence.

To some degree, I’ve been doing this for years – and I think many people can relate to that – but it got worse around this time last year. I was unhappy at my job, had just found out my parents were separating, etc. and was dealing with it all while living alone in a city I didn’t have many friends in. So, as soon as I was done work for the day, I’d turn on Netflix. I wouldn’t necessarily sit down to watch it. Often, I’d be cooking, cleaning, working on my blog or other projects. But I just needed that little bit of noise to keep me company.

I’ve kept that noise nearby, on some level, ever since. Two months ago, I recognized how much it was hurting my productivity and decided to embrace the silence. This isn’t to say I watch zero hours of television every week, but it probably adds up to 1 hour/day now. The silence isn’t always comfortable, but I’ve already noticed the benefits. I read more, I write more and I exercise way more. I feel like I have more time, in general, because I’m not tied to anything on my screen. And the list goes on.

I don’t think we all need to cancel our Netflix accounts and never watch TV again, but binge-watching has the power to negatively impact our lives and productivity in many ways. Before you sit down and let it takeover your life this weekend, read a few of these posts. (The first is my fave!)

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Lessons Learned from a Year of Travel

April 18, 2016


This is a guest post by my dear friend Kali Hawlk. Please make sure you read every last word. <3

A few years ago, I sat at my kitchen table with my laptop open to Kayak. I looked for flights to Europe — any country and Europe — eager to plan my first trip to some foreign destination.

After searching over and over again for various flights and itineraries, I finally broke down in tears when I realized that I simply could not afford to travel abroad the way I had so desperately wanted to for as long as I could remember.

Bill Bryson was my favorite author and I read his travel books over and over again until the pages were torn and the covers tattered. I dreamed about going overseas, convinced that I’d find home in lands I’d never seen or known.

I was convinced that I was made to travel, especially abroad. But I’d never been because my family never took exotic vacations when I was growing up and I couldn’t afford it as a college student or recent grad when I finished school.

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